Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Opinions sought...

In the singing stillness as dark fades to light...we stand, ready...

1st stanza of the Void Legion Lament

Ok, I purchased a Terminator Captain. He came with a standard base.

Should I put him on a Terminator base or leave him on the standard base?

Sunday, March 21, 2010

House Rules - Fog of War(p) deployment

Your army is on patrol as they stumble into an unnatural fog bank....only to exit the fog a few minutes later surrounded by enemies and their unit formations in disorder...

Designate a 12 o'clock position on the battlefield.

One objective per player. This is especially fun with more than two players.

Each player may place their objective. Roll off if objective placement order matters to you.

The objectives must be within 24" of the center of the table and can be as close to one another as they desire. After objectives are placed, roll for scatter.

Roll for deployment order.

The first player to go will place one unit anywhere they want. Roll for standard scatter (will always be a full 2d6 scatter irregardless of special rules to the contrary). If a unit would go off the table it is not destroyed it just sits on the edge. If a unit scatters into area terrain or difficult terrain that is fine (no dangerous terrain check needed). If a unit scatters into impassable terrain just place the unit next to it. Using common sense will help things work out.

If the deployed unit is a vehicle (or any unit in which facing matters) roll a scatter die and a 2d6. On a "hit" of the scatter die the controlling player may position the vehicle to any heading they desire. If it is a "scatter" the 2d6 result will determine the heading the vehicle is deployed at (remember the 12 o'clock position you set before starting?)

Then the next player deploys one of their units following the above guidance. If a unit scatters within 12" of another unit that is fine.

Deployment follows one unit at a time alternating between players until all units are deployed.

A few clarifying notes:

1. The models are placed as if they had conducted a deep strike (IE., clustered tight together surrounding the initial model placed down). Notice the "as if", models deployed in the deployment phase can assault on their first turn.

2. You cannot be a killjoy and plan a unit deployment in an area not large enough for your entire unit to be staged in deep strike formation. Well, OK you can, but if during placement of your unit you cannot place all models in a deep strike deployment configuration your opponents get to roll off with the winner placing your unit (with proscribed scatter!) anywhere they want on the battlefield.

3. Scout and infiltrating units may make their preemptive moves if all of the regular requirements are met.

4. Any disagreements can be resolved with a roll off to determine who fortune will favor in this battle.

For an extra helping of randomness, roll for at the beginning of every round for the order of player turns.