Sunday, May 19, 2013

Gaming Progress Update

Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated...

I continue to game.

I have played in an Apocalypse game my local GW in Tomball Crossing. My son brought his Tau and I fielded my piecemeal, "half-painted Blood Angels" Dark Angels Deathwing list. It was an epic battle that essentially ended in a draw.

Come closer...the Butcher wants to axe you a question!
My Pathfinder campaign was brought out into the sunlight and dusted off as the intrepid band of heroes faced bullywugs, a green dragon, and a mysterious mud creature. The session ended as their return to civilization brought them the unhappy news that the elven secession has begun.

Modified Demolisher-Devastator-Spriggan kit
I purchased and have built most of another heavy warjack for my Khador Warmachine army. It was the Spriggan multi-model plastic kit. The engineering  on this thing is poor. It has tiny little arms to hold up giant shields or other weaponry and the arm/shoulder design sucks. So, I had to modify it some.

A steam-powered iron clad build from an old cereal box. To be used in my Pathfinder campaign.
A Spring Break trip to Colorado Springs gave me the opportunity to discover a fantastic gaming store named Gamer's Haven, in which I went whole hog and was snapping up vintage 3rd edition GURPS supplements for $1.99 to $3.99 each. Their link is here;

My kitbashed Belials. Outfitted with the TH/SS and the twin lightning claws option.
I am continuing to assemble and paint my buddy's Sedition Wars for him. In exchange he has offered to purchase me the Robotech kickstarter.

I need to get on here more often and post updates as I usually do something gaming related everyday.