Saturday, November 14, 2009

I know defeat....

Well. The "Vegas Odds" tournament happened today. I placed solidly in the middle of the pack. 1st place too $40 worth of product home. 2nd and 3rd took $25 and $15 respectively.

I did not play the list I had previously posted. I conferred with older and wiser warriors than myself on the Dice Like Thunder forums and the general consensus was that I lacked any mobility. This is the list I ran...

Cato Sicarius
3 Tac squads at full strength
2 Dreadnoughts w/ CCW, MM, SB
1 Rhino
6 Terminators w/ x1 power sword, x5 powers fist, x6 SB

This is fairly solid list. Mobility is somewhat solved by using Sicarius to give one tac squad infiltrate. DS the terminators, and put one squad in the Rhino.

I wish I had only been competing against my opponents. The "Vegas Odds" were against us all but I seemed to have fallen into a puddle of bad luck on my way to the game and I felt it the rest of the day.

Every time you gave a shooting order to a unit you rolled a d6. On a 1, you targeted the nearest friendly unit and fired everything at it. On a 2, you used the night fighting rules. 3-5 shooting occurs as normal. On a 6, you are are out of ammo, no shooting that turn.

Every time you gave an assault order to a unit you also rolled a d6. On a 1 or 2, your unit is spooked and falls back d6 inches away from the unit they were going to assault. 3 thru 5, assault as normal. On a 6, your unit assaults itself. My squad of Terminators actually took themselves out twice thanks to that.

We were also playing four people to a table. You were facing your opponent across the table but only half of the long side you were on belonged to you. You could also shoot and be shot at by the other two players on the table. I don't think that happened more than once or twice all day. We mostly concentrated on our respective opponents.

All missions were Dawn of War deployment and Annihilation. Scoring was different. If you managed to kill the enemy commander you received 5 points (and you had to kill him, if he ran off the table, you did not kill him). If you destroyed your enemy's most expensive unit your received 3 points. If you destroyed at least one vehicle you got 2 points. You received one point each for every scoring unit you had left alive at the end of the battle. Finally, your opponent rolled 2d6 and you received the result as points. You then rolled 2d6 for him.

Now, the games were fun. The "Vegas Odds" definitely changed the entire feeling of the game. You could have had a perfect deployment and flawless tactics and it could have completely fallen apart around you on the "Vegas Odds" roll.

I would say my major gripe is that prizes were being awarded. I mean, I wanted a chance to win based off of my tactics, my deployment, my list, my generally good luck. I found that those random 2d6 rolls completely skewed the outcome. For instance I managed to keep my commander alive and my highest point unit stayed alive. That means I denied my opponent 8 points. And then we rolled the random points. I rolled a 12 for him, he rolled a 3 for me. My roll literally put him ahead by a point due to no game play on his part.

I don't mean to sound sour, it really was a lot of fun. But, I really wanted to win some free product. As I am sure everyone else did. The "Vegas Odds" are good for a lark, for bragging rights, and amazement at the outrageous results, but not for prizes.

Ah well, until the next tournament. I will keep my blade sharp and my gun oiled. You do the same...

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