Monday, May 5, 2014

Warhammer 40,000 7th Edition is coming May of 2014

7th Edition is upon us.

So long 6th! We barely knew ya!

The biggest change leaked thus far is that two basic ways of playing are now standard.

Battleforged is the name given to games that use the Force Organization Chart to build your army.

Unbound is the name given to games that do away with the FOC and are a free-for-all when it comes to building your list. Subject to the NEW allies matrix!

Dakka Dakka page with scans

Natfka's write up about the rumors of 7th edition!!

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  1. My initial thoughts on balancing an unbound list vs. a battle-forged list.
    Battle-forged - you obey all FOC rules and stick to one Codex.

    If you bring a battle-forged list and play against an unbound list you immediately receive the following VP bonuses.

    You receive Victory Points determined by what your OPPONENT brings.

    For every Codex/Dataslate/Formation after the first one that your opponent brings, you receive two VPs.

    For every duplicate of a unit your opponent brings (other than troops and their transports) you receive one VP.

    For every superheavy your opponent brings you receive five VPs.

    For every flyer (including FMC) after the first one your opponent brings, you receive two VPs.

    For every MC your opponent brings after the first one, you receive two VPs.

    For every D strength weapon your opponent brings, you receive three VPs.

    For every 2++ rerollable your opponent rolls during the game you immediately receive seven VPs.

    Victory Point conditions stack and are cumulative. Ergo, the second FMC in your opponent's list will yield you five VPs (+2 flyer, +2 MC, +1 duplicate unit).

    In all instances in which a dispute arises the maximum number of VPs must be conveyed to the battle-forged list player.