Sunday, February 7, 2010

Prepare for drop!

After two hard fought losses this weekend I have begun reassessing my list.

My problem seems to boil down to mis-positioning my units during deployment.

Since I usually footslog my marines, due to only owning one Rhino and one Land Raider, I am badly outmanuevered on most missions. I have found myself saying repeatedly, to myself, if I could only get my heavy firepower "over there", I could wreak some havoc.

So, I dug into my codex and began looking at other options. I was immediately enamored with the drop pods. For the same price/points cost of a Rhino I have a transport option that can carry anything in my army.

Terminators?....check, Dreadnought?...check, All flavors of marines?...check.

Only problem is that it is immobilized once it drops, not much a problem as my Rhino and or Land Raider is usually popped on the first turn and cannot carry a Dreadnought at all.

So, I came home with two drop pods (I would have bought more but the store didn't have any...) and built them while watching the Super Bowl. They went together quickly, as I did not bother to build the central column and harnesses. I am not happy that the doors will not stay closed on their own, but a few magnets will fix that.

I also picked up a couple of Dreadnoughts. I am strongly toying with the idea of a six Dread list.

I think the pods will give me a better chance of getting my firepower "over there" and into the backfield of my enemy.
Now, I have read the Drop Pod Assault rules and they basically distill down to scatter mishaps unless you scatter off the table. Is this a correct interpretation?

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  1. You can also mishap by scattering into impassable terrain.

    It's peculiar that you're moving towards drop pods as a way to counter "mis-positioning your units." It seems that many players avoid drop pods for almost the exact same reason: you can hope that they come in at the right spot, but scattering invariably places them just out of reach of where you wished they'd land.

    When you start using them, post up your experiences. I'm anxious to hear if they solve your problem or not.