Saturday, February 20, 2010


Today was the second day of Owlcon and the only day I could actually go. The kids had a great time with my daughter winning a $25 gift certificate in a Settlers of Catan tournament.

For the 40k tournament I had a win, a draw, and a loss. Meh.

The GM for the tournament is a local at my gaming store and I know him fairly well. After the final scores were posted, I went and asked him about where I had placed in the pack. Turns out I placed 13 out of 24, making me the first place slot for the bottom half.

I was then shown the sportsmanship scores.

When I was tabled in the fourth round, I received a perfect sportsmanship score. When I managed to draw, I received an average sportsmanship score. When I pulled off a 5 KP to 1 KP win, I received the lowest sportsmanship score possible.

It seems that success on the battlefield is inversely proportional to perceived sportsmanship.

I gave all of my opponents perfect sportsmanship scores because they were all decent fellows who did not try and pull any shenanigans on the board. I was told that my scoring of my opponents (and others like me) actually make it harder for the GM to post up scores because not everyone can be the best of sports.

While, I agree with that, to a degree. How do you know? I mean in the first round it is pretty hard to compare my opponent, to my opponent in the third round...

Anyway, I am quite satisfied with a 13 place overall, especially with only eight months of gaming under my belt. I still seem to be incapable of beating Space Wolves.


  1. I feel just like you, in my last toruny i gave everyone great marks for soportsmanship. But you could only get 2 points max, and if you didnt give a 2 you had to list why they were bad so BS whiney I lost he sucks ppl couldn't hurt you. It can't be to hard for a GM to simply add. If you enjoyed playing against all your opponents and they gave you no cause to mark them bad, why should you. I'm with you, if my opponent makes the game fun, doesn't cheat and doesn't waste half the time with phone calls or non game bs then they score well.

  2. Ugh. Did the sportsmanship score at least have guidelines, or was it the typical "rate from 0-5"?

    I find if there's some basic guideline questions, there's a lot less munchkin like that. Also, scores should always be public. Eh. If you feel like it, I have a whole post on comp/sports/tournies over here.

  3. No, the sportsmanship rating had blurbs along these lines...

    Did your opponent's army look like it should, did it fight in a normal manner was there any overuse of overpowered elements, etc. (top sportsmanship score).

    I cannot remeber the rest.

    I believe in the top left corner was a large RTT logo.?.