Friday, August 13, 2010

Items of Interest 001

Just a few things from around the net that I have found noteworthy.

Table Top War has an interesting article concerning assaults and when a vehicle become immobilized. Certainly something to either; make you aware of a little known situation that may come up, or send you off into a spittle spraying rage. Immobile vehicle assault situation

Incunabulong does some interesintg Tau mathhammer concerning twin-linking and markerlights. Well worth a few minutes read to bring up your Tau tactics. Maximize your Tau markerlights.

Berks brings up some love of this game that we all hate to love or love to hate. feel the love!
For the love of the game.

Micropanzer unveils a walker model for $25/$30 that is all metal and looks like it could be used as a sweet Tau Apocalypse walker. Side-by-side size comparisons to existing 40K models gives you an idea of it's size. $25/$30 for a 20 piece half pound of metal model is a good deal by anyones definition. Check it out!
Micropanzer Light Assault Walker

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