Thursday, August 12, 2010

Rules Writing = Hard

Wow, it has been a month now since I started writing the miniature rules that I want use. What a long strange journey it has been. I know the rules, they reside in my head. Getting them on paper is a completely different story.

I can actually see the rulebook, I have dreamt of it at least twice, in all of its glossy color glory...

It does not help that as I sit here writing, or attempting to, I have several models on the shelves that are looking at my. Guilting on me is more like it, "Take us outside to play", "We need some more paint work", Your gonna fail, the 40K rules as they stand now are the greatest ever written!". Or something like that. I am almost sure I imagined it, right?

Having no feedback on anyone interested in playtesting or even submitting faction names has not helped. I want you all to be as excited as I am!

So, as to tease you along I have been converting some of the 40K characters into E.O.D. stats.

These are not final stats. BTW if any of you know the maximum of any stat listed in 40K could you pass that on. For instance the highest WS I can find is 9. If you know of something higher let me know. I need the max stat of any category in 40K, whether it is BS, T, S, Ldrship, etc.

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